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Fashion guide
3 June 2019

Glossy alert!

We love ‘out of ordinary’ so we’re introducing a metallic collection for fabulous ladies only!

22 May 2019

It’s inevitable: the cold, chilli days are fading away and the invitations for this summer season are starting to flood your calendar. Prom, weddings, baptisms ...

What to wear? Solve your dilemmas with NISSSA’s romantic evening dresses.

10 May 2019

Whether you have a lot of dresses or too few, the right dress seems to be just out of touch.

Don’t panic, because here at NISSA we have a wide range of dresses which you can choose from for any and every occasion.

5 April 2019

The most awaited moment of the season, bringing your warm weather wordrobe out into the light!

What is IN this season: color, color and MORE color!

12 March 2019
Say hello to Spring with Episode 3 of The STYLE Edit by NISSA 
It΄s time for a new wardrobe, and we΄re here to help with 6 outfits that are perfect for the season.
13 December 2018


Brilliantly elegant, this holiday month can only be celebrated with a perfect look and loved ones at your side.

For those who can’t imagine a New Year΄s Eve without sequins or a Christmas without a classic, chic dress, today we’re talking about the must-have items for your winter party wardrobe, whether you are spending it at a fancy restaurant, having a Christmas family dinner or something else entirely.

16 October 2018

What do you wear when you have nothing to wear?

Episode 1 of The STYLE Edit by NISSA features 6 foolproof fall outfits to get you inspired.

8 May 2018

 When it comes to summer style, making sure you’re the best dressed babe on beach this season is only a few clicks away.

 Our new beachwear collection will bring a stronger sense of style to your holiday look, whether you’re jetting off to sun-drenched locations or attending summer’s #musthave festivals.

8 February 2018

Everything you΄ll be wearing this year.

We΄re always looking to find the next IT item or trend. It΄s part of our DNA as fashion-lovers. If you΄re anything like us, you΄ve been paying close attention to what΄s been popular on the streets and runways and that΄s what gives us a good indication of what to expect in 2018.

We already know glittery boots are ”in” right now and so is wearing red, and here are 5 more trends to know, so you can adequately prepare your shopping list.

11 December 2017

Excited to announce the opening of our first US-based retail store in Miami, Florida.The new NISSA retail location is nestled inside of the largest conventional shopping mall in Florida, the open-air Aventura Mall.

9 June 2017

An essential part of the feminine arsenal, dresses made from natural, comfortable fabrics are a key feature for the warm season. Dresses that you can wear anytime, anywhere, with the right styling. Here are 5 outfits that do not require a complete wardrobe overhaul, but only key pairings designed with the essential pieces of the season, for a look as trendy as can be.

10 May 2017

We believe that being a woman is a form of art, a state of mind and an attitude, and each woman is unique in a way that is special just to her. We value absolutely every single NISSA woman and want to thank each and every one of you, in part.

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